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Inchcape vs Housing

Poster: Hank @ Thu Apr 03, 2008 9:56 pm

Re-posted from

Special props to Ghost, who foresaw all in 2000 on "Nutmeg"


Well, so far, everything I've predicted has come to pass. McPain romped and stomped all over th' lilly-livered competition and now is poised to shatter th' bickering Muppet Babies that remain in th' burning Democratic playpen. So far, so good.

What is far from good is th' fact that th' national government takes your money and gives it away to people that are probably in th' business of exploiting you. Th' fact that th' Federal reserve 'facilitated' th' sale of Bear Stearns means that you got stuck with $20 billion in worthless stock. Two bones a share, huh? That stock wasn't worth a pound of chorizo in Tucumcari. It was worth less than nothing -- it's bound to cost whoever paid for it more dough in th' future when those securities continue to depreciate. And now, you own those things as a result of Federal Reserve guarantees.

Now, this got th' general populace all a-twitter. "HEY!" said Ed Inchcape, "How come those fat cats at Bear Stearns, who used to own my mortgage before I defaulted after th' interest rate spiked to like 9%, get government cheddar and I don't? I'm th' one who needs a bailout, not guys in Brooks Brothers suits who have gym memberships."

OH NO so Inchape and two hundred of his beer-swilling, March Madness-besotted buddies confront their Congressman and say "HEY CREEP U OUT UV OFFICE UNLESS WE GIT SOME RELIEF"

Well, of course th' guys in office had to do something or they'd be walking around with major Denver Omelette facials. So they gave even more of your bread away, this time to people who sold themselves into indentured servitude under extremely unfavorable terms. Pretty cool, huh?

Meanwhile, you're paying as much as you ever did for everything, and now you have even less cash to go around because you're giving it away to irresponsibly-gambling finance idiots and people who don't know what they can afford.

Our economic system is driven by profit and loss. If folks who make poor decisions and take weird risks don't have to bear th' costs thereof, we have broken our whole ish. We take away th' incentive for people to behave economically and give them license to act like freaking teenagers with machine guns and a handful of goofballs.

In th' meantime, your essential freedoms are being quickly eroded by agencies and corporations who make their dime by creating rules that cost you serious ends to follow. And if you fail to follow them, well, you're gonna be on th' hook -- big time. Your great-great-grandparents probably built a house out of what they could find, where they could manage to build it with their available wits and resources. Fact : self-determination of this nature and th' right to make a dwelling and live in it used to be considered as human rights, under th' old "liberal" thought framework. Try something like that now, and you're likely to get your sorry freedom-centric self bulldozed. Attempts at independence from commercial bodies such as utility companies and self-reliance in matters such as construction earn you a fistful of legal problems and big costs. Check out this poor Limey sap who decided to do his own thing. ... g-swindle/

Hey -- it's your money. When you get tired of footing th' bills for morons and having your basic rights trampled, call your Congressman and, instead of asking him to get you a bailout, ask him to get th' government's straw out of your milkshake.

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