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Cake City

Poster: Hank @ Fri Apr 04, 2008 10:25 pm

"Cake City" is a real geographical region -- it's th' current demotic terminology for th' greater Phoenix area (especially Scottsdale). Th' reason for this is that the Phoenix area has no substantial indigenous culture apart from raw plastic capitalism. This is due largely to th' fact that most Cake City residents aren't from Cake City originally, but instead moved here to take advantage of th' mega economic opportunities afforded by fantastic weather and (formerly) cheap space. It's fair to say that getting paid is th' #1 hobby here. Th' most commonly-heard Cake City motto is 'We never sleep.' This is because we spend so much time caking up.

Th' larger meaning of "Cake City," however, is th'international village of folks who reject idleness and take pride in earning currency ("Caking up") each and every day. These are th' true "Cake City Citizens." This concept of Cake City is linked up with our evolving ideas about internationalism and modernism, hence the globe-spanning currency symbols that make up th' official Cake City logo as seen as . Hepnova wrote a song about the local Cake City in 2007 that has some elucidating points :

"Old folks die from the heat, the manioso creeps
But still we cake up daily, and we never sleep

Where the gun is legal, money flows like time
Golf spreads like an illness, being broke's a crime

Nobody is from here and the grads all split
But all day we plan big and we're stacking chips

We beware of the cops and the kids on glass
Cause a life ain't worth much and cash goes fast

Our water is heisted, so desert lawns are green
We don't give a hoot about any scene"

It's worth noting that this slang dates back only to 2005, as far as we can tell. I heard it for th' first time on th' Route 56 bus in July 2006.

get a Cake City shirt and be a cake City Citizen at

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