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why do I-hi?

Poster: Hank @ Mon Apr 07, 2008 2:35 pm

So th' evil monopoly Adobe Systems has de(i)cided not to release a 64-bit Mac OS version of its unavoidable Creative Suite software until two revisions (probably like 4 years) from now. This is wack.

If you work in th' media production field, you can't avoid using Illustrator, InDesign, Flash, and Photoshop. Mac OS was 64-bit years before Microsoft's OS was. 64-bit operation would result in measurable gains in performance (see Slashdot article), plus it's just 'the right thing to do.' Is th' Mac share of Adobe's sales really so small that Adobe just doesn't give a hoot? Or is it that Mac users are too stupid to really make the proper fuss?

I'd say it's probably th' latter. Mac owners are a dumb bunch. Th' caricature in the "Get a Mac" ads is painfully close to reality for about 70% of Mac users I know -- cheapjack trustafarians with bad posture and two-day stubble, looking like reject Keanu Reeveses. Mac users are a devoted coterie of consumerist weirdoes who will shell out thousands of hard-earned drachmas for anything that gets megalomaniac Steve Jobs' stamp of mock-turtlenecked approval. Macs are made in th' same slave camps that churn out Norelco shavers and Game Boys. Mac folks are like people who will only wear Nikes, except Nikes don't cost $2000 a pair (usually -- go check out Crooked Tongues for some peops who combine these vices).

These sentiments are so common as to verge on cliche. But like so many cliches, they're more or less a fact.

"But wait," you say, "aren't you a known Mac user and co-conspirator in Ten Thousand Percent, th' noted Mac-centric website?" Well, yes I am. But, even disregarding th' common psychological phenomenon of th' self-hating Mac user, being aware of one's own follies is usually th' first step toward averting disaster.

Bottom line : if you're a media worker and you need Adobe CS to do your job, write Adobe a string of nasty emails that say you know when you're getting plr0ned and you don't like it. For $1200 and up, you should be getting software that uses the potential of your OS.

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