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A geek's birthday wish.

Poster: DeadcowX @ Thu Apr 17, 2008 10:06 pm

It has become apparent that certain entities in the corporate world of the gaming industry have turned hostile. I'm a big anti-EA nut as an industry enthusiast and a passionate gamer. Indulging on the ideal that great games come from great people with minds who think alike, I think this a very bad thing. EA Games produces Wal-mart Quality games, in which they focus on maximizing profits (which is something hot in the corporate world these days) then spending their time and resources on making quality games with replay value. Not to mention the lawsuits in the past filed by overworked developers and artists alike.

Take-Two is a company I have come to respect. We all know Grand Theft Auto. We all know the great gameplay that has brought even non-gamers such as my own mother to appreciate the sandbox universe it presents. What happens if EA Games buys Take-Two? Grand Theft Wallet. They'll start maximizing profits by giving us a bare-bones game for $10 in which we will have to purchase "expansions" via micro-transactions. They don't even have to actually make new content, they can easily keep the content hidden on the disc and make it unlockable with $5 here or $10-$15 there. Next thing you know, you've spent a total of $70 on a full game as opposed the normal retail price of games now. Sounds along the lines of something EA has tried in the past? The Grand Theft Auto series will be "Maddenized" with new installments yearly, in which people will have to buy the newer version. Instead of 2-4 year development time, where new ideas are implemented and game testing proves stable we will get a mediocre piece of shit each year. At that point I and other people like myself don't even bother renting a game like that. Yes, I said rent because buying software like that would out of the question.

Tomorrow, or by the time I post this will be my birthday. For my birthday, I kindly ask that EA Games backs the fuck off and leaves Take-Two alone. Or for the least, that Take-Two says "No, thanks." once more. That would be an ultimate gift to a gamer who has been playing from the cradle and will be to the grave. Why? Because the industry needs healthy competition. Gamers will start getting bored, they already are.

As for theshareholder who is now also suing Take-Two because of their refusal to back down, I have something to tell you as well. Something you may not like to hear (and probably won't), but it's not criminal to refuse an offer. It's not fiscally responsible to refuse an offer. Even if it was an obscene amount of money and pots of gold. You know nothing about the gaming industry and have no right to invest in a company like this. You sir, are morally and ethically irresponsible that it's criminal. For selling out would be selling out the developers who work because they love their jobs, they have a passion for what they do. EA Games is the factory where fecal waste comes out of each year on many different platforms and I don't want that near my kids.

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Hank Thu Apr 17, 2008 10:23 pm
I just got a call from G_d, and he said he's going to lay some serious retribution down on that jerknose shareholder. Happy barfday!
DeadcowX Thu Apr 17, 2008 10:41 pm
he better.

but I'd rather him deliver some business to EA.

G_d knows I don't have kids right? I mean.. still whatever
1m1w Thu Apr 17, 2008 11:38 pm
The only true video game is Pipe Dream for the Nintendo Entertainment System.
DeadcowX Fri Apr 18, 2008 10:06 am
You're a Pipe Dream
1m1w Fri Apr 18, 2008 1:52 pm
I be layin' my pipe in your mom as she dreams.
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