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Poster: Hank @ Tue May 20, 2008 8:30 am

Topic stoled from Slashdot :

Folks are suggesting that th' correct medium for interstellar communications is neutrinos as opposed to photons, due to the latter's high susceptibility to interference.

Of course, many of th' th' same characteristics that allow photons to get interfered with are th' same ones that allow them to carry rich information.

Neutrinos, for those of you who have lives and don't sit around reading 101-level physics textbooks, are particles that interact with other particles 'weakly,' as they say. This means that they're a real devil to detect or manipulate. Fact is, frillions of neutrinos are passing through your body at this moment, but you'd never know it -- they don't interact with the particles in your body at all. In fact, to detect neutrinos, scientists generally resort to filling huge tanks with dry cleaning fluid and waiting until a neutrino happens to shake hands with a molecule in there (neutrinos are natty dressers). Seriously.

Now, how are we (or in this case, 'they') supposed to encode information in such hermetic particles? Oh, turns out that th' science goons making this suggestion are saying that it's more or less like Morse code (on / off time-lapse encoding). How boring is that? Somehow I doubt that Morse code is good or rich enough for folks that have mastered galactic travel. How are they gonna watch Soundgarden videos?

Check it :


Grayson Q. Monster, actual CERN physicst, points out that digital information is encoded in on / off patterns, as well -- that is, binary code. And, as he says, you can watch "Flesh Gordon" using it, so there's no reason why neutrino morse can't be used to encode rich data. This essentially proves that I'm a fool too addled by caffeine and zombified* by lack of slumber to make any damn sense. LATEWIRE

*Zomby woof

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Daniel Roe Thu May 07, 2009 8:36 am
Fact is, frillions of neutrinos are passing through your body at this moment, but you'd never know it

Wrong. I can feel every single one. Boy how they sting!

One might ask how you propose to manipulate particles for communication purposes when they can't be manipulated. Moreover, what would be the energy requirements?

Also, if they only travel at the speed of light...
Hank Fri May 08, 2009 11:26 pm
Get some Bag Balm to take th' edge off that sting
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