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Break time

Poster: Hank @ Sun Jun 15, 2008 4:12 pm

I'm taking a break -- again -- at my job here, trying to fend off another "Pi" headache and chewing a wad of aspartame-laced cud.

There's only one thing scarier than being alone in a huge warehouse with a known space alien, and that's getting a call from a space alien when you're alone in a huge warehouse.

See, I'm about 97% certain that this guy I work with is a space demon, possibly from another dimension. What tips me off to this is that he is fluent in English but unable to communicate a cohesive thought, and in addition to that he looks kind of like a snake crossed with a Martian bird.

I was relieved when he wasn't at the jobsite today. But then later, my office phone rang, which it rarely does on Sundays. I hard-focused on it just like in those Hitchcock movies. I didn't pick it up.

When I checked my voicemail, it was full of threatening-sounding alien jabber that may or may not have been a death fatwah or some kind of warning. After listening to it, I started to sweat profusely and my throat became very dry. I'm now coughing approximately every thirty seconds. Have you seen that flick "The Last Wave?" I fear that this might be a similar situation.

I just thought that I'd warn the Latewire. If you see an alien, RUN! and don't give it a job.

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Bill Fri Jul 11, 2008 4:15 pm

this is not bill
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