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Shepherding wayward aborted epiphanies.

Poster: 1m1w @ Sat Aug 09, 2008 4:18 pm

Snorlax is certainly my inner Pokemon.
Titanic fused with Moby Dick would be the greatest story ever told.
Robotic (i.e. shitless) pets which also serve as personal media players and babysitting devices should eclipse RFID implants as a means for paranoid rich people to keep track of their scrambling rugrats.
Standardised small scale multi-locale manufacturing is the wave of the future, along with recycling every goddamn thing possible.
Barack Obama will become president after John McCain wins and immediately succumbs to coronary implosion due to old age, badgeriness and general amazement at winning despite doing everything in his power to lose. Obama will legalize marijuana and become addicted to morphine. The US economy will soar like an eagle and the rest of the world will continue to bitch and moan and listen to (and enjoy(?!) our shitty pop music.
Pornography will soon usurp Hollywood in income, popularity, output, and class. This will contribute to the pheonic rise of the American economy.
In the miserable shit filled hovel of Anchorage Alaska where only sailors and their male prositute companions are stupid enough to reside, gas will never fall below $4.00 a gallon.
Georgia totally had it coming.
Beer: the first, best, and only true energy drink.
Once one horrible reclusive and shrewd man comes to own 99% of the worlds resources, space will finally draw the attention it deserves. Vast expanse filled with pretty lights will teach humanity once again how to love.
Once limb replacement surgery becomes more widely practiced, it is only a matter of weeks before the first Goro body-mod.
The first Goro body-modee will win every fucking armwrestling competition hosted. Sylvester Stallone will lose his truck, and his son... to fucking Goro.
Goro will become addicted to crack cocaine after the fame goes to his head and will star in a seemingly neverending series of fisting fetish videos.

Goodniiiiight neverland!

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Hank Sun Aug 10, 2008 6:45 pm
Re : energy drinks : you forgot the true paterfamilias of energy drinks : raw sewage.
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