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The Walking Ghost Phase

Poster: Hank @ Thu Sep 17, 2009 1:00 am

They say we're done for
Because of what's coming on the wind
They're handing out death for free
To anyone who asks for it

They say that their way
Is rational and best
And that we'd better hurry
And eagerly fall to rest

But no matter if they're right or wrong,
That's a deal I won't accept

Maybe the Lord will save us
But probably not
There's too much poison in the air

But even a last moment in anguish
Is a moment that belongs to me
And I won't let them put me down

We may hear our children
Cry out in pain
Yours may be the last remaining
Human name

But that doesn't mean
That I'll let them take the reins
I'll stay here and and present with you
While we wait for the final rain

Even all these aching thoughts
They're thoughts that belong to me
And I won't let them put me down

We always, always, always fought
And I'll fight to the end
I won't surrender my last hours
On the advice of these wretches

Even at the end of hope for this life
I still hold on to hope for pride
And I won't let them put me down

I'm not saying that I'm OK with this being the total end
I was one of those who dreamed of art's survival long after the Sun's death
Now there's slight time left, and you're my ultimate friend

But that's the way of things -
There are stones you can't roll back
An even now I feel that weight
So heavy on my neck

I won't trade time for comfort
I won't give up this last thing
I'm keeping every feeling that's
Been allotted to me

When I feel the terrible change,
That sensation belongs to me
And I won't let them put me down

Keywords: Biblical  Economics  Poetry  Goth  Snappier  Goth Poetry  Doom 
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