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Sugar, schizonoia, what happens when you do something

Poster: Hank @ Thu Oct 01, 2009 11:45 pm

So the bottom line is that when you start feeling the scaly tail of reality twisting itself around you, it's time to panic. I'm telling you this in advance so that you won't be surprised when it happens like I was.

Beware! It could happen to you. A few months ago, I was chilling in th' mezzanine with virtually no obligations outside of family and heaps of focus. I lived blissfully in th' interzone between wakefulness and sleep, uninterrupted by th' need to actually do anything. Then, see, I decided that I wanted to do some different stuff this year, and started doing it. That stuff led to other cool stuff, which led to more neat stuff and then more business. Then more connections with awesome people, leading to more rad stuff.

My schedule went from "my whole year fits on a paper napkin" to "every single day is dead jam packed." Ish started happening, major ish, like every single day. This was th' direct result of going and doing some things.

That's th' warning. Doing stuff begets doing stuff; meeting people leads to meeting more people. If you want to stay where you are and as you are, in th' nice peace and quiet of your secret hideout, do not go out and engage in things that are cool. If you do, you'll probably end up doing tons of cool stuff with neat people. Watch out! If you collaborate with people, your skills (bo staff, mandolin, cheese grater) will combine with theirs (probably minigolf, sharpshooting, fondue) to create something more kicking than either of you could have done on your own. Then, admirers of your collaborators will get hip to you, and vice versa, creating a snowball of gnarltastictude. And once that thing starts rolling, it ninjas up your whole world.

Keywords: Social Life  Agoraphobia 
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