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YouTroll, 02/05/10

Poster: Bill @ Fri Feb 05, 2010 1:14 pm

YouTube is quite possibly the worst depository of comments on the internet. While other sites may surpass the depths of stupidity YouTube makes up for it with enormous volume, so much so that the comments section of the videos should be called YouTroll.

Today I got a good dose of confirmation bias:

Bill: The majority of votes in favor of siphoning off wealth to bail out their crony banker friends where in fact Democrats.
O-Bot: No you are wrong, what the democrats are doing is trying to put some money into the banking industry because the money which was supposed to be there was taking out of the country by republicans during a period of 8 years, they so a bastard that we keep trying to inject money into the economy and they keep taking the money out of the banks to banks abroad, we the democrats don't own the banking industry my friend, that industry is owned by the republicans
Bill: Which is why Ben Bernakie, Rattner, and Geitner are administration fixtures, and why big banking firms like Goldman Sacs dumped millions of dollars in the Obama campaign? Not buying it.
O-Bot: no buddy you are wrong, the Obama campaign money came from the owners of GOOGLE, they campaigned for the democrats because the republicans had taking so much money away from Americans that their sells through avertisement campaigns had decrease by more than 20%

[Lookes up data from]

Bill: Goldman Sacs has made hundreds of millions since Obama took office and is the number 2 PAC that gave the campaign [behind a California university]. (Donating three times the amount of money they gave to McFail.) Citibank and JP Morgan came within 10% of funds offered by Google.
O-Bot: if you think that the banking industry is owned by liberals (whom have a tendency to give benefits to the poor) you are the one being played for a fool here, the few banks that "gave money to Obama" gave 10 times that amount of money (behind the curtains) to the republicans, if you don't know that the republican are taking our money and putting it in private accounts in banks abroad you don't know anything

[Does more cursory checking.]

Bill: Steven Rattner, Timothy Geithner, Leon Panetta, Ben Bernanke, and other bankers/financiers are prominent in this administration. Fannie May, Freddie Mac, Goldman Sachs, Citigroup Inc, JPMorgan Chase & Co, UBS AG, Morgan Stanley, Lehman Brothers, and other investment houses contributed hundreds of thousands to Obama. Need I point out that Geitner's phone records indicate that he calls his buddies at Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, and JP Morgan more then the President? No need for secrecy, Wall Street sits in the Oval Office.
O-Bot: No I know you are not throwing Timothy Geithner in my face, we all know that the republicans made him president of the federal reserve in 2003 and that he is still working for the republican behind the curtains

At this point my brain broke entirely. Why do I even bother?

Keywords: Idiocy  Youtube  Stupids 
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Daniel Roe Sun Feb 07, 2010 9:01 am
The entire obama administration is working for the republicans... Except when they do things we like.
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