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Dentist (part 2) - a narcodrama

Nicholas DiBiase
Poster: Nicholas DiBiase @ Wed Jun 09, 2010 1:25 am

A penetrating fear gripped me as I stared at Doctor Cartwright's face, now twisted with cruelty. It was a fear that in other circumstances might be called 'paralyzing,' but I was utterly unable to budge even a single muscle. Unfamiliar sensations blanketed me – why does it feel like there's a crunchy layer of tissue paper underneath my dermis? Suddenly, the nurse Edie wheeled back into my field of vision with a motion like a door swinging. Her nostrils pulsed as she spoke.

“I'd definitely say this one's ready to go, Doctor,” she sneered as Cartwright slithered his long hands into a pair of surgical gloves. She moved over to the other side of the doctor, and the click of her shoes against the linoleum resounded in my skull like a mallet hitting a temple block.

“OK, prep his jaw while I get the apparatus into place,” Cartwright said as he walked back behind my chair again. His voice seemed to flange and oscillate as he spoke, as if some unseen person was messing with the tone control on his voice while moving a fan in front of his mouth, or something. My vision began to change in ways that were barely perceptible at first, but soon became profoundly disorienting. Staring up at the light which the nurse Edie positioned over me, I was suddenly unable to determine its distance away from my face. The doctor began making clanking sounds behind my chair, and when I looked at the nurse Edie, her lips had turned an impossible torrid red and were pursed into a smirk of anticipation as she looked past me at whatever he was doing. I thought I heard Cartwright chuckle softly as a pulsing, whirring sound began to emanate from just behind my head.

“Come on, Edie, I'm almost ready here,” huffed Cartwright.

“Oh sorry, Doctor – I just love to watch you work!” replied the nurse Edie as she pushed her shoulders back ever so slightly just barely licked her teeth. She bent over me to reach some piece of equipment, and came up with an apricot-sized contraption of metal and white plastic, along with a big tube of blue gel. She told me to open wide, which I instinctively did in spite of the terror. Placing the metal thing in my mouth, she clicked a few ratchets on it and it sprung into shape, holding my mouth open to the point of discomfort. Then, she began to slather the blue gel on the outside of my jaw. I can't deny that, through the fear, I felt a subtle flush of arousal as she did this. A profound numbness began to dominate wherever the gel had been applied, and she gave the metal device a last jarring adjustment.

The nurse Edie parted her obscene lips for an instant before cooing : “Doctor – he's ready.”

Doctor Cartwright abruptly hove into my view, his mouth now obscured by an operating mask, but his eyes still ablaze with malice. He swiftly brought the whirring machine in front of my face.

“All righty,” said Cartwright. “Let's get this show on the road!”

And with that, he plunged toward me with the noisy tool. I couldn't scream.

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Juggalo Jim Wed Jun 09, 2010 6:19 pm
Don't worry man, teeths grow back but psychic scars are forever.
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