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Latewire at age 3

Poster: Hank @ Sun Apr 03, 2011 1:43 am

Two days ago, we celebrated the third anniversary of Latewire by having the site go offline while the writers slogged like crank-mad rodents through the vile swamps of the American South, in fevered search of a rare snake whose venom is supposed to have therapeutic effects on the disease that has plagued me these long months. Either the snake didn't show, or the LW team was too twisted on "Early Times" and self-doubt to notice it when it did an armless Watusi in front of their very faces.

The search was a bust, but we got the Latewire back and buzzing. Which is good, because even though we haven't been writing much, it looks like you guys are still reading the damn thing. Why? Makes no difference to me. I'm glad you are though, because otherwise we'd have to scratch another line of the old "reasons to continue existing" list. And that, friends, is a list that is extraordinarily short to begin with.

A lot's been changing for the Latewire crew over the last few months, that's for sure. Dr Roe, for example, is embarking on a new era of field research in a land so vile and infected that even brave souls hardened in the forge of the 5th Ward won't approach it.

As for me, I've been diagnosed with terminal anomie. And ya don't eat three cheeseburgers a day if ya got it. That's why from here on in, I'm not wasting any more time on the following categories :

1) Ephemeral garbage technologies
2) Manufacturing the zzzz
3) Thugs
4) Mugs
5) Pugs

It's been a long time coming. This is the year when everything returns to the molten spinning sphere whose motion threatens to rain burning truth down on any not quick enough to flee.

I'm still here, and so are you. Watch the Latewire this year for the wrenching proof.

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