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The Coming Era of Food Insecurity : trailer

Poster: Hank @ Tue May 31, 2011 12:02 am

We are entering a world of pain, thanks to the blind adoption of shortsighted food production methods, the insidious creep of food-based biofuels into state policy, and the surprise hegemony of a handful of transnational corporations in the food industry.

Norman Borlaug would have, and probably did, shudder to realize that his agricultural innovations designed to feed starving populations in compromised and suboptimal ecosystems have been bizarrely twisted and misused to shore up the market position of petroleum and wannabe-monopolist agribusiness interests while poisoning the environment and enslaving the same people Borlaug wanted to help.

Monocropping and deeply horrendous meat farming practices are screwing up our food supply, food-into-fuel schemes are driving up the price of tortillas, and vile corporations -- Cargill, Archers Daniels Midland, and Monsanto, in particular -- are exploiting our stupidity to convince us that their diabolical biopatent trolling, ever-expanding dominance of the food supply, and wanton disregard for food security are A-OK.

Oxfam, a group of NGOs whose stated goal is to fight poverty (not, as you'd think from meeting their supporters, to keep tie-dye shirt companies in business), is warning us that thanks to the aforementioned bull$#!%, food prices will skyrocket in the next 20 years. In a situation like ours, where more than 15% of the population is food-insecure already, that is bad mojo.

Here's the article from commie mouthpiece BBC :

^ If you want to survive the coming era of food insecurity, you'd better start getting your act together right now. Learn to grow as much of your own food as you can (see our sections on this in the sidebar). Boycott food-into-fuel idiot $#!%. And stop supporting Cargill, Monsanto, Archers Daniels Midland, BASF, and all their buddies and subsidiaries. They get more powerful with every dollar you give them and every monstrous thing you let them get away with.

There is a room where swine from all these companies and their puppet governments are sitting around with stogies and big glasses of Balvenie, guffawing over their victorious campaign to anesthetize and hoodwink an already-apathetic population into giving them all the power over the population's lives. When their vile actions bear fruit as a time of great upset and hardship, I'm going to blame some of the people in that room.



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