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It was a foggy and tumultous dusk...

Poster: withnursedwound @ Tue Sep 13, 2011 6:34 am

... whereupon I found myself once again bandied about Adrift the four winds of fate. I had sailed the usually mild coast off the Northern shores of the isle as many times in my dreaming states as I had within the confines of corporeal reality and felt well within my capacity as a worthy seaman on these familiar waters. Something about the noontime struck me as particular, however; and with the sudden and unexpected onslought of a vast malodorous miasma I hastily retired below deck for a brief siesta.

When I woke, I found to my abject and absolute horror that not only had the pernicious zephyr accumulated but that it now occluded the sun and only a glowing red orb- like the egg of some great Eastern Serpent sat low in the sky... the only remnants of that ever lustrous solar champion of planet earth. When day turns to night it is an un natural thing; young cower beneath the mammalian warmth of the security; the birds pause in their flights and are disoriented; pale things in creeping places rejoice in the momentary triumph of their patron, Mother Night. Such was the way with this, no birds where to be seen nor heard and all manner of marine activity had ceased though earlier I had been greatly amused by a doting pair of young seals feeding near a particularly choice and active reef. I was greatly dismayed and while realization of this dawned on me it also happened into my mind that getting home would now be rather quite impossible as the accursed wind which had brought with it the lingering abortive musk had now all entirely vanished. Blown out and exhausted, Æolus had since pissed off for a nap or a moments respite. Panic had begun to take its icey hold upon the strings of my heart.

The urge to retch had been nigh uncontrollable since my unfortunate wake. With the dismal assesment of my current surroundings there was now nothing holding me back from emptying the contents of my stomach all into the placid sepia waters below. Through tear choked eyes I saw the murky water and prayed for rain. In times of incredible need, desperate animals are known to make bargains with themselves in order to bolster their courage enough to simply go on. Frantically, i began to search for a paddle.

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